Another blogger remembers Rich Mullins, and shares some incredible quotes from an incredible man of God.

Originally posted on rodalena:

Today would have been Rich Mullin’s 57th birthday (and, oddly enough, Keith Green’s 55th). Rich was a man who ran after God, come what may. This, of course, made him dangerous, and a poet of great depth. And sure enough, his life bore the scars of a race run well. He died “with a whirlwind to fuel my chariot of fire” like Elijah, just as he wanted, in September of 1997.

I miss him. He was a beautiful human being:

“Once you come to understand that life is unbelievably brief, and that we can’t really do anything that is going to change anything-that we really don’t amount to a hill of beans-then, all of a sudden you go, “then it really doesn’t matter if I’m not great. And if I don’t have to be great, that means I can fail. And if I can fail, then I can try…

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