Another blogger remembers Rich Mullins, and shares some incredible quotes from an incredible man of God.


Today would have been Rich Mullin’s 57th birthday (and, oddly enough, Keith Green’s 55th). Rich was a man who ran after God, come what may. This, of course, made him dangerous, and a poet of great depth. And sure enough, his life bore the scars of a race run well. He died “with a whirlwind to fuel my chariot of fire” like Elijah, just as he wanted, in September of 1997.

I miss him. He was a beautiful human being:

“Once you come to understand that life is unbelievably brief, and that we can’t really do anything that is going to change anything-that we really don’t amount to a hill of beans-then, all of a sudden you go, “then it really doesn’t matter if I’m not great. And if I don’t have to be great, that means I can fail. And if I can fail, then I can try…

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