Taste and See

Good morning. It is Monday, May 11, 2015. It might not rain today, for a change.

Today’s word of the day from Merriam-Webster is technobabble. I bet you can figure out what that means. “Technical jargon.”

Today is Twilight Zone Day. I love that show!! “You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!”

I cannot adequately express what a great day we had yesterday! It got off to a shaky start as we navigated storms between Fort Worth and Mineral Wells. At one point, we had to pull over to the side of the road, because it was raining so hard, we couldn’t see. Rachel had also pulled off, and was understandable frightened of driving into the very dark cloud that was up ahead. We even got hit by a few pieces of hail, but only a little bit of that. After the worst blew over, we continued our trek to the west, driving through intermittently heavy rains. There was standing water on the highway a few times, as we got closer to Mineral Wells.

Once we all got to Mama’s house, we took advantage of the brief period of no rain, jumped back in the cars, and went to Pastafina for lunch. We got there early, so we beat the biggest crowds, and had a great lunch there. Except for Christi, who ordered a medium rare steak and got one that was pretty much well done. In a rare moment, she sent it back for another one. The second one was perfect.

After lunch (during which the intermittent downpours continued), we headed back to the house, where we set up the new laptop and wireless router that we got for my mother for Mothers Day. This also enabled Stephanie to play on her laptop for the rest of the afternoon, as well. We showed my mother some computer basics, set up an email account, as well as a Facebook account for her. Yes, my mother is now on Facebook! Christi also transferred all of the files from the old laptop to the new one.

We had a lot of great conversation during the afternoon, much of which revolved around memories of my father. Mama even read some of his journal entries to us. I’m really thinking that some of his journal might even be publishable, and could be some benefit to anyone who is struggling through something like he struggled through in the last five years. The faith in God that is exhibited in those entries is tremendous!

But it’s Monday again, so back to work for us! Today has the lowest chance of rain for the whole week at 20%, so we are through getting rain, just yet. Palo Pinto Lake, the lake that supplies Mineral Wells with water, was at 7% back in early April. The last report my mother heard, it was at 30%! So that lake rose 23% in less than a month!


Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones that you have broken rejoice.
Hide your face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities.

Psalm 51:8-9

(From Solid Joys)

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good!
Psalm 34:8

Today’s reading is “Go on to the Meal.”

“To you who say you have never tasted the glory of God, I say, you have tasted many of its appetizers.”

Surely you have looked up at the sky; surely you have experienced a much needed hug; surely you have sat in front of a nice, cozy fire; surely you have taken a walk in the quiet of the woods, or sat by a lake, or even had an opportunity to lay in a hammock. Have you experienced the coolness of your favorite drink on a hot summer day?

“Every desire is either a devout or a distorted enticement to the glory of heaven.

“You say you haven’t tasted God’s glory. I say, you have tasted the appetizers. Go on to the meal.”

We have all seen the shadows; let’s move on to the substance. We who have surely walked in the warm rays of the sun need to turn and look at the sun itself (perhaps not literally, as that could damage your eyes). We have heard the echoes of the glory of God; let us tune our hearts to “the original music.”

Where is the best place to do this? The cross of Jesus. “We have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” (John 1:14)

For a concentrated look at God’s glory, we need look no further than Jesus in the Gospels, most especially at the cross. “This will focus your eyes and tune your heart and waken your taste buds so that you will see and hear and taste the glory of the true God everywhere.”

This is what we were created for. Anything less, and we are throwing our lives away. God made us to know his glory. It is to our benefit to pursue this above all else, and with all of our hearts.

Father, help me to see this glory today. I’m sitting here, trying to prepare myself for another week of work, when it seems like I just finished the last one. After a one-day weekend, it is difficult. But it is my lot, and I must accept it; not only accept it, but joyfully! So give me that joy, this morning. Let my drive to work be a time of prayer and reflection upon your glory, most vividly displayed by the cross of Jesus Christ and its benefit to us. Let your grace and mercy outweigh anything that I might find to complain about today. Let me advance past the “appetizers” and “go on to the meal!”

I pray for our day, Father, that we may have safe passage to and from work. May there be no danger of high water in our path today. May Christi’s day be full of your grace as she continues to heal from the coughing. May Stephanie know the glory of your love today, and may that same glory shine down on Rachel and Justin today, as well as my mother in whatever she needs to accomplish.

I pray for your body of believers at The Exchange Church. May you give us direction, provision, and protection during the days ahead.

Your grace is sufficient.

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good!


Grace and peace, friends.


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