Break On Through To the Other Side

The Cubs will not win the World Series this year, Marty.

Today’s word of the day, from, is scuttlebutt. The most common usage for the word means, “rumor or gossip.” However, it also has nautical meanings, which are, “an open cask of drinking water,” and, “a drinking fountain for use by the crew of a vessel.”

TODAY IS CAP LOCKS DAY! Actually, the purpose of Caps Lock Day is to campaign to get the “caps lock” key removed from the keyboard. I would go along with that. There are too many people out there who just hit caps lock and type away in all caps. Thanks to emails and the Internet, I know think THAT SOMEONE IS SHOUTING AT ME WHEN THEY DO THAT!!

Yesterday was a sad day, as we learned the Cory Wells, one of the three lead singers of Three Dog Night, had passed away, unexpectedly. He was 74 years old. Three Dog Night is one of our favorite bands from our childhood. One of the first concerts that Christi remembers attending was Three Dog Night.

In other news, the Cubs have been eliminated from any hope of fulfilling that Back to the Future II prophecy. Not just eliminated, they were swept by the Mets, 4-0. The Blue Jays stayed alive, defeating the Royals 7-1, yesterday. Their series stands at 3-2, and they will play again in Kansas City tomorrow. The World Series is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, October 27.


In John Owen’s writings on prayer, he is “unabashedly experiential.” He uses the term “spiritually minded” in his description of how we need to be. Make no mistake, though, for he is practical, as well. He writes that we can have all the right doctrine and be doing all the right “religious duties,” but still be completely devoid of grace in our hearts. The essence of real Christianity, he says, “is to have our minds really exercised with delight about heavenly things, the things that are above, especially Christ himself at the right hand of God.” While it comes through Scripture meditation, right theology and the Gospel, it “must break through to real experience of God.”

In the only book on prayer that Owen wrote, he has a chapter on the “Catholic contemplative tradition.” It begins with this statement:

The spiritual intense fixation of the mind, by contemplation on God in Christ, until the soul be as it were swallowed up in admiration and delight, and being brought unto an utter loss, through the infiniteness of those excellencies which it doth admire and adore . . . are things to be aimed at in prayer, and which, through the riches of divine condescension, are frequently enjoyed.

Owen teaches “that regular delight in God and experiences of sweetness and love are the only ways to avoid being dominated at a practical level by false gods and enslaving passions and drives.” However, in this, he is critical of the Catholic tradition, because Scripture is not sufficiently emphasized “as the main material for meditation and contemplation.”

Father, I pray for this kind of delight in you. May I find this “sweetness and love” in you, through Christ, that can keep me away from any “false gods and enslaving passions.” I pray that I might be able to fully learn this kind of meditation on your Word that would break through into experience with you.

Grace and peace, friends.


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