I Don’t Have To Be First

What does it hurt to let someone in front of me?

Today’s word of the day, from the Oxford English Dictionry, is aesthesis, “The perception of the external world by the senses.”

Today is Cliche Day, so everyone go out there and give it all you’ve got; give 110%! And don’t forget to peel back the onion and throw someone under the bus.

We have booked our vacation house for our Galveston trip next April. It’s called “Shore Fun.” I put the link there so you can look at if you so desire. We’re already very excited about this, but, once again, we make plans with the attitude of, “If the Lord says so, too.”

No Huddle for me, tonight, but Christi still has her bowling right after work. She should be home by around 7:00, though, so we will still have a nice evening at home together. I’ll probably watch The Walking Dead while getting something ready for dinner.

Band practice was fun, as usual, and we got a new trombone player last night. And she’s a girl! She’s also very good. I know this because she sat between me and the other first part player, so I could hear her. She’s younger than the rest of us, I think (except for maybe one of the third part players), and hasn’t had a period of time where she didn’t play. I heard very nice, warm tones coming from her trombone, which inspires me to practice between rehearsals. I’m still experiencing some issues from my lengthy hiatus of trombone playing, so I need to practice basic rudiments because I would really like to get back to the level of playing from when I was in college. I know that’s a lot to ask, but we’ll see how it goes.


(From Daily Guideposts 2015)

Today’s reading begins with 1 Corinthians 6:7, a verse that teaches something that I dare say many of us struggle with. To have lawsuits at all with one another is already a defeat for you. Why not rather suffer wrong? Why not rather be defrauded?

Daniel Shantz writes of being in line in a barber shop. He had counted eight people in front of him. When his turn came, he got up and began to walk toward a barber’s chair. But he noticed another man moving toward the same chair.

Irritation began to set in. “If this man thinks he is going to jump in ahead of me, he needs to think again.” Then he noticed that the man was close to seven feet tall, about three hundred pounds. Wearing a brown uniform. With handcuffs and a gun. And the word “Sheriff” on his shirt pocket.

“Suddenly, I remembered that math was never my best subject and that there was a distinct possibility I had counted wrong and it was really this man’s turn for a haircut.”

The sheriff proceeded to regale the entire barbershop with tales of inept criminals, and so on. Daniel says that, when the time came, he was actually sorry to see him leave.

Every morning, I face traffic on the way to work, just as many of us do. As we drive, I’m sure we all encounter those people who have to be first, who have to get ahead. We also face others who refuse to let anyone else in front of them, driving mere inches away from the bumper in front of them. I have become firmly convicted that, as God’s people, we need not be either one of those. What does it hurt if someone gets ahead of us? Especially in traffic. As is the case, most of the time, we have no idea what is going on in the lives of all of those other drivers. As children of God, we are meant to display grace. One of the ways that we can display grace is to let others go first. In fact, Paul tells us in one of his writings that we should always consider others to be more important than ourselves. What a difficult concept to display in our culture!!

As Shantz says in today’s reading, “If I am willing to be ‘wronged,’ I might find that God has something better for me than mere justice.”

Father, keep teaching me that it is better to consider others as more important than myself. Keep teaching me that it’s okay to let others go first. I don’t need to be first, I don’t need to be most important. Rather, I need to do whatever it is that you have created me to do, the most important thing being to praise and honor your name, love others as Christ loved me, and share your Kingdom to a dark world.

Come, Lord Jesus!

Grace and peace, friends.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Have To Be First

  1. “What does it hurt to let someone in front of me?” LOL. There are 2 roads we travel on almost daily where lanes merge and people fight almost to an accident to either get into the lane or prevent others from doing so. Haha. I thought it was just in Maryland, the state containing the worst drivers in the union.

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