“Back Up the Sunbeam To the Sun”

“One’s mind runs back up the sunbeam to the sun.”~~C.S. Lewis


Remember, remember the fifth of November . . .

Today’s word of the day, from Merriam-Webster, is williwaw, “a sudden violent gust of cold land air common along mountainous coasts of high latitudes,” “a sudden violent wind,” or “a violent commotion.” Example: “The sailors had all heard stories of ships capsized by the williwaws that plagued the strait.”

Today is Gunpowder Day, also known as Guy Fawkes Day. It is customary for families to create an effigy of Guy Fawkes on this day, and burn it on a bonfire. The day focuses on his plot (along with others), to blow up Parliament on this date in 1605, in an attempt to assassinate King James I. This was commemorated in one of my favorite movies, V For Vendetta.

We had a “town hall meeting” at work, yesterday, in which I (along with several others) was awarded a $25 gift card for having perfect attendance in the third quarter. That was cool, as it was my first full quarter of perfect attendance since coming on board at that facility. They give us a card with a number on the back, which can be redeemed at a website which offers somewhere close to 500 different vendors. I redeemed mine for a $25 Amazon gift card. Right. I never got past “A.” 🙂

We had chili for dinner and watched Monday night’s episode of The Voice. The top 20 are set. Among those is a 15 year old kid named “Sunshine.” I swear I’m not making this up. It’s his last name, but still . . .


(From Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God)

As we consider ways to help us develop a “habit of praise,” Timothy Keller begins with some ideas from C.S. Lewis’s book on prayer, Letters to Malcolm. In this book, Lewis explains that he attempts to view all pleasures as “‘shafts of the glory as it strikes our sensibility. . . . I have tried . . . to make every pleasure into a channel of adoration.'” What a fantastic concept! What does he mean by “pleasure?” A beautiful view of nature, delicious food, a good book, a beautiful piece of music, and so on; things that give us pleasure.

Lewis means much more than just being grateful for these pleasures. “‘Gratitude exclaims . . . “How good of God to give me this.” Adoration says, “What must be the quality of that Being whose far-off and momentary coruscations are like this!” One’s mind runs back up the sunbeam to the sun.‘” If you’re like me, and you are, sometimes, you might need to look up “coruscations.” I did it for you. “A sudden gleam or flash of light.” “A striking display of brilliance or wit.”

The point Lewis is trying to make is this: What if, whenever we experienced any kind of pleasure, we stopped, instinctively, to think, “‘What kind of God would create this, give me this?'”

Another point that Lewis is making is that we “‘shall not be able to adore God on the highest occasions if we have learned no habit of doing so on the lowest.'”

Father, I love this idea, of giving you adoration and praise for the simplest pleasures. Whenever I see a beautiful sunrise or sunset, whenever I am blessed to watch the waves crashing in from the ocean, whenever I taste some food that satisfies my palate, whenever I hear music that thrills my soul, may your Spirit cause me to stop and consider who you are, who chose to bless me with such pleasure. In doing this, perhaps I might prepare my mind, body, and spirit to praise you on the highest levels and to worship you as I should.

Come, Lord Jesus!

Grace and peace, friends.

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