Adoration and Thanksgiving

“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”~~J.K. Rowling

Today’s word of the day, from, is frangible, “easily broken; breakable: Most frangible toys are not suitable for young children.”

Today is Orphan Sunday. It’s a good day to remember those who have a special place in God’s heart. I’m reminded of a group of orphans in Zimbabwe, that our church has helped tremendously by sending a pretty good chunk of money in order that they might have a building with some classrooms and furnishings. Take some time today, and if you can’t tangibly help some orphans, pray for them, that they might have the provisions and protection that they need in life.

We had a very nice day, yesterday. Rachel and Justin got here right as we were getting home with the groceries. After a late lunch at Cheddar’s, we settled in for an evening of TV and games. We played Buzzword for a while, and then we decorated some Halloween cookies. Yes, I know Halloween was last weekend. But we found these at the grocery store in the Halloween candy clearance section (along with several bags of candy), and thought they would be fun. Turns out, we did have quite a bit of fun doing them. I’ll show you the results.

My cookie
My cookie

Christi's cookie
Christi’s cookie

Rachel's cookie
Rachel’s cookie

Justin's cookie
Justin’s cookie

As you can see, Justin went the “minimalist” route.

This morning, we have church at the Northpark YMCA, at 9100 N. Beach in Fort Worth. Our service begins at 10:15.


(From Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God)

A third method that Tim Keller suggests, to help us learn a habit of praise and adoration, is to turn to a book written by Matthew Henry, a Welsh Presbyterian minister from the late seventeenth century. Many people are familiar with his extensive commentary on the Bible, but he also wrote a book on prayer, called A Method for Prayer. In this book, Henry takes all the prayers from the Bible and categorizes them under the headings of Praise, Confession, Petition, Thanksgiving, and Intercession. Prayers within each section are also divided into subheadings. Keller suggests looking at the headings, choosing some of the passages beneath, and them putting them in our own words. In doing so, we are able to make the entire Bible become our own prayer.

Keller gives us a couple of headings that he came up with himself, based on Henry’s work, and gives us samples of ways to pray them. The first is “Adoring God.” Under this, he suggest things that we can adore God for: “God is transcendently and infinitely bright, blessed, and beautiful. He is self-existent–depending on nothing for his being. Instead all things are dependent on him.
“God’s perfections are matchless and without comparison.” His character is eternal and unchanging. He has perfect knowledge of all things.
“God is a Creator God, the maker, protector, sustainer, and ruler of all creation.”

Under the heading of “Thanking God,” he gives us these suggestions: “For the ways he gives and sustains our physical life. For making us in his image, capable of knowing, loving, serving, enjoying him and other relationships.” We can thank God for preserving our lives so far, for getting us through injury and sickness. We can think God for goals achieved and successes received.
“For the ways he gives and sustains our spiritual life.” For his plan of salvation, “for Christ emptying himself of his glory for us.”

I think you can get the idea. There are many areas where we can be adoring and thanking God, using material from Scripture.

Father, help me to be more adoring and grateful toward you, for the countless things that you have done in my life, and for who and what you are in my life and in the world. I could never exhaust all the possibilities for prayer, so I pray that you inspire me to be constantly in a state of adoration, praise, and thanksgiving. What my life could be like were I to be able to accomplish this . . .

Come, Lord Jesus!

Grace and peace, friends.


3 thoughts on “Adoration and Thanksgiving

  1. LOL. Those are pretty wild cookies! Looks like a lot of fun. By the way, I “passed” my membership/baptism interview today! I’m officially a member of our church and I’ll be getting baptized soon!

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