Prayers for Pride, Coldness, and Anxiety

“If you would tell me the heart of a man, tell me not what he reads, but what he rereads.”~~François Mauriac

Today’s word of the day, from, is slugabed, “a lazy person who stays in bed long after the usual time for arising.” It’s what I wish I could be, this morning.

Today is Occult Day. It’s pretty much the only choice I had. I probably wouldn’t have chosen that one. But there it is. I, myself, will not be engaging in any occultic activities, today. No palm-reading for me, thank you very much.

Yesterday evening, I stopped by out worship leader’s house and let his wife take my picture for the church’s new web site, launching soon. Here’s how it came out.

Thaaaaaat's me!!
Thaaaaaat’s me!!

Then I went to the gym, by myself, while Christi stayed home and cooked a couple of dump cakes (one for her to take to work today, and one for me to take tomorrow), and some vegetable beef soup, which was delicious!

This morning, I’m going in early again, so I can get to a doctor appointment at 5:15 PM, for my med refills. So I need to hurry up and move along.


(From Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God)

As he closes out the section on self-examination and repentance, Tim Keller offers up these sample prayers of repentance for “pride, for coldness and a lack of love, and for anxiety and mistrustfulness.”

O Lord, I fall into pride, but on the cross you made yourself of no reputation and gave up all your power and glory – for me! The more I thank you and rejoice that you did that, the less I need to worry about my own honor and reputation, about whether people are approving of me or not.
O Lord, I fall into coldness and irritability, but in the garden just before you died, you were so gentle and affirming of us even when we went to sleep on you. On the cross you were giving yourself for people who abandoned you or mocked you. The more I thank and rejoice that you did that for me, the more it melts away my hardness and makes me able to be patient and attentive to people around me.
O Lord, I fall into anxiety and fearfulness, but you faced the most astonishing dangers for me. You were torn to pieces, so bravely, for me, so I could be utterly loved and eternally safe in you. If you were courageous for me facing those overwhelming cosmic evils, I know you are with me now. Therefore, I can be steady as I face my problems.

Father, help me to echo those prayers, or at least something like them, every day. Help me to remember that Jesus died and rose again on the third day, that I might not have to fall into pride, coldness, or anxiety.

Come, Lord Jesus!

Grace and peace, friends.


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