Thank You

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”~~Mark Twain

Today’s word of the day, from Merriam-Webster, is fulsome. Here is a word with several meanings, some of which seem almost contradictory. 1. “characterized by abundance : copious,” “generous in amount, extent, or spirit.” 2. “aesthetically, morally, or generally offensive.” 3. “exceeding the bounds of good taste : overdone.” 4. “excessively complimentary or flattering : effusive.”

Today is World Hello Day. Be friendly. Greet people. Hello.

I had a decent work day yesterday, and was able to leave on time. We had a nice trip over to Mineral Wells, picked up my mother, and got back right about 9:00 PM. We sat down and watched an episode of Major Crimes while chatting, and finally went to bed around 11:30 or so. It was a great evening.

Today is busy, but it will be fun, hopefully. The weather looks like it will cooperate with the Christmas Tree Lighting in Southlake. If you’re in the area, it will be at the Southlake Town Center on 1709. The band will be playing right in front of the City Hall building. Santa will set up in the Pagoda close to the road. The actually lighting of the tree is scheduled for 6:30. The band plays at 4:30, followed by some school choirs. It should be great!

After the festivities, we plan to go to Martha’s for dinner. Since Mama didn’t get to go to Fogata’s, we’ll take her to the next best place.

I don’t usually talk about high school football, but last night, my alma mater, Mineral Wells Rams, won the area championship for the first time in the school’s history. The Rams beat Pampa 41-20. They will play Brownwood next, which will certainly be a challenge. Brownwood is one of those teams that is always good.

On this date in 164 BC, Judas Maccabaeus restored the Temple in Jerusalem, marking a date that is commemorated each year by the festival of Hanukkah. On this date in 1789, North Carolina became the 12th U.S. State. In 1877, Thomas Edison announced the invention of a device that could record and play sounds. He called it a “phonograph.” In spite of the digital age, you can still buy record players to this day. In fact, you can even get one that uses a laser instead of a stylus. You can get one of these here for the low price of $9000 to $19,000! In 1905, Einstein published the paper that revealed the relationship between energy and mass, leading to what is probably the most famous equation in history, E=mc2 (I don’t know how to make a superscript in this medium, so it doesn’t look right). In 1920, 31 people were killed in Dublin in what became known as “Bloody Sunday.” 1953, the Piltdown Man is revealed to be a hoax. 1980, fire breaks out in the MGM Grand in Nevada, killing 87 people and injuring more than 650.

Today’s birthdays include Voltaire (French philosopher), Stan Musial (American baseball player), Christopher Tolkien (British author), Joseph Campanella (American actor), Marlo Thomas (American actress), Dr. John (American musician), Harold Ramis (American actor/director), Goldie Hawn (American actress), Steven Curtis Chapman (American CCM musician), Bjork (Icelandic musician), Troy Aikman (American football player turned bad announcer), Ken Griffey, Jr. (American baseball player), and Hank Blalock (American baseball player).

Dr. John is 75 years old today. He is an American musician from New Orleans, LA. Here is his song “Revolution.”

Henrey Purcell and Bill Bixby are among notable deaths today.


I think I’m in trouble. I’m supposed to be finished by now.

(From Daily Guideposts 2015)

Roberta Messner shares a story today of a friend who passed away a few months ago. Her friend, Kay, passed away giving thanks to God. According to the caregiver, the last words on her lips were, “Thank you.”

The last time she had seen Kay, Kay had remembered a time when she was at Roberta’s house and commented on admiring her purse. At this, Roberta emptied the contents of the purse and insisted that Kay take it. Kay said, “I just wanted to say thank you again, Roberta.”

After losing contact with Kay, Roberta was surprised to get a call from Kay’s brother, telling her that she had been mentioned in Kay’s will. “She wanted tob e sure I was given a picture I had once needlepointed for her and a sweet little diamond cocktail ring as well.”

Roberta had the ring mounted on a charm bracelet. Each time she looks at it, she is reminded of Kay, and has promised God that his praise will always be on her lips. She prays that the last words on her lips will be “Thank you.”

Seven times a day I praise you . . . (Psalm 119:164)
Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works! (1 Chronicles 16:9)
I will give to the LORD the thanks due to his righteousness, and I will sing praise to the name of the LORD, the Most High. (Psalm 7:17)
I bless the LORD who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me. (Psalm 16:7)

“To God be the glory, great things He hath done . . .”

Father, may I be faithful to give you thanks, daily. Like this writer, I would pray that the last words on my lips would be words of thanksgiving to you, the God who has given me life, who has given me so much in my life. Forgive me for taking all of this for granted and not thanking you enough. I could never thank you enough. And the thanks are not an attempt to repay you, for that would not be possible either. But I am so very grateful for this life. Teach me your way that I may walk in your truth, and that I may display your glorious kingdom to those around me. Teach me love.

Come, Lord Jesus!

Grace and peace, friends.


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