Oregon Vacation, Day 5, Tillamook, Munson Creek, and Cape Meares

Although we didn’t drive as far, we walked more.

The day began with a drive to Tillamook, just a few miles from Rockaway Beach. We didn’t eat any breakfast, because we planned to have lunch at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Normally, on vacations, we eat breakfast and dinner, only.

There were, unfortunately, no tours of the cheese factory, at this time, because of construction. There was an exhibit of some of the processes that led us to some free samples. Quite a few free samples, as it turns out, with varying ages of sharpness and flavors. My favorite was the smoked medium cheddar. We bought a hunk of their extra sharp white cheddar, aged four years! We haven’t eaten any of it yet.

Then we roamed the gift shop, picking up a few things, after which we went to the cafe for lunch. All of us had their “Centennial Grilled Cheese” sandwich, which consisted of two kinds of cheese, sharp cheddar and medium white cheddar, grilled on sourdough. C and S substituted white bread on theirs, and I added bacon to mine. We also got an order of their Mac & Cheese, which was delicious! C said it was “too cheesy.” I do not understand those words.

Centennial Grilled Cheese with Bacon, and Mac and Cheese

After lunch, we headed over to Munson Creek Falls, a short drive further south. We had not been south of Tillamook, yet, so we were treated to some scenic sites that we had yet to see. The turn off to Munson Creek Falls started out as a narrow, paved road, but about halfway to the falls, it became a rough gravel road. I had seen some complaints on Trip Advisor about the road, but it wasn’t as bad as they made it out to be. I think those people have never driven in Texas.

Anyway, we made it to the small parking lot for the falls. This whole area was magnificent. It was so secluded. And there were never more than about ten people there. There were many beautiful trees there, as well as some that had fallen. The path to the falls was, allegedly, a quarter mile. I think it was longer. It was not too bad until about the last hundred yards, or so, when it became a steep incline. S had tried to go with us, but at that point, she opted to sit on a log and wait for us to come back. She was wise. After the steep incline, there were about a dozen steps down, a short, level path, and then a dozen steps back up. Finally, we could see the falls, and it was well worth the trip.

Munson Creek Falls

After the walk back to the car, we left the falls area and headed back to the main road. Along the way, I spotted something quite bizarre looking.

After posting it on Facebook and getting comments friends, it was determined that this is an elk rib cage. We had guesses that ranged from a giant trilobite to a monster roly-poly bug (that one was mine).

From there we drove on back to Tillamook, where we took the road to Cape Meares. At Cape Meares, we walked some more, in one direction, to an unusual tree, called the Octopus Tree. It is so named, because of the odd way in which the branches grew from the center of the tree.

We walked back across the parking lot, where we found another path leading down to the Cape Meares Light. The lighthouse, itself, is very small, and almost wasn’t worth the walk, but we saw some pretty amazing scenery along the way.

The picture of the light is just the top of it, but it was only about twenty or thirty feet tall. We didn’t go all the way down to the bottom of it.

By the time we got back up the path to the car, we were worn out. It was, according to the sign, two-tenths of a mile. It was all downhill on the way there, and, of course, all uphill back.

We drove back to Rockaway Beach, and after dropping S off at the house, C and I went back to the main road to get some clam chowder at the Old Oregon Smokehouse.

It’s pretty much what it looks like. A shack with no inside seating. There is barely room for the cash register counter in front. But that clam chowder was, without a doubt, the best we have had, yet, on this trip! Their halibut fish and chips was pretty good, too.

It’s been raining all morning, today, but that in no way diminishes the beauty of where we are.

We have no plans for today, at this point.

That’s all for now!

TTFN, y’all!


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